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8/1-2017: Xmas is gone...

So the Christmas exhibit and christmas train has been removed. Instead the nighttrain is back - now with updated interior light.

28/12-2016: New christmas present now active!

My Christmas pressent is now configured and active: A new IP Webcam - Nexus1. Go to or try the better performing -but a bit more tricky- solution :

  • Open VLC player. (Tested with version 2.4.0)
  • Select media, Open Networkstream (Ctrl N)
  • Enter: rtsp://
  • (If needed: - Login using Userid: BB and password: BB May be required twice - for som unknown reason....
    and you should have HD realtime streaming (almost without any delay!)


    New cameras 21 and 22.

    Beautilful mountain view from camera 22 and a good view over the tracks and the bus.

    Try to start the bus: Go to light control - it's the last button.


    New camera is now online! CAM12 is currently on the Christmas exhibition.


    New Christmas decoration is on. See how it is changing on CAM11 & Platform cam. Can you find it all?


    Christmas is long gone. But lots of new stuf other places in Brockenberg! Can you find it all?


    The Christmas fair is open! Along with two new webcams.
    Find Santa, The christmas tree sale and the Glühwein verkauf :-)


    As Brockenberg is located next to my bedroom, sounds are disabled between 22 and 8 Oclock ;-)


    Most of Brockenberg is back. We have some problems with out new Train-sensor system, so train-control is disabled, unless there is manual supervision :-(


    Brockenberg is moving to a new location...

    For various reasons we have to move Brockenberg to a new - and sadly smaller - location. For an unknown but hopefully short periode of time the Brockenberg will be closed.
    We hope to be online again soon, with a smaller but still interresting setup. :-)


    Second Train-webcam now online!

    Another webcam mounted inside a wagon is now online! If you can not see the streaming video - Try a Chrome browser!
    See how it was build here.


    New project is now working :-)

    A new WebCam is now online!
    The cam is mounted in the wagon in front of the V160 locomotive. This enables you to see the view from the front of the train.


    Up and running again, after a Server hardware failure!

    Working on various problems:
    - only 2 cams are currently functional
    - Server occasionally boots, disabling all traincommunication :-(

  • The test layout